Lerida Grant on the changing pet food market in Australia

When Lerida Grant’s husband joined a pet care company she couldn’t believe how many people would virtually line up at social events to ask him the basics of pet care. When Sophie (the dog) and Belle (the cat) joined the family she understood why.

Even with her access to expert help, she was bamboozled. She then searched for simple information on how to make caring for pets easier, and the concept of We are Pets was born Рa company to help educate pet carers and provide curated products and services to give their pets a healthier, happier life. During her development of We Are Pets, Lerida would also publish the book Simple Dog Care: 7 Steps to a Healthy, Happy Dog, becoming a #1 bestseller on Amazon. 

ECX Magazine had a great conversation with Lerida on her amazing journey, how she established her own company whilst writing a book and how we can take care of our pets in simple, yet effective ways.

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