What Needs to Be Done for the Youths of North Shore

It is not often in life that you get the chance to have a thorough conversation with someone who turns another person’s life around as a career. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Tim Sheerman, a North Shore youth services worker for almost 20 years. He works at StreetWork, a not-for-profit organisation in Sydney’s North Shore that concentrates on getting young people’s lives back on track.

Founded by Peter Hobbs more than 30 years ago, the initial premise established was that one supportive mentor might be all that is needed to turn a young person’s life around. Youths are constantly changing with the times and they can be difficult to handle.

I decided to piece a story together with Tim, a veteran in his field who has mentored firsthand many different types of youths in the North Shore, on how we can inspire young people in the North Shore.

Journo for ECX Magazine

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