Extraordinary Community eXperience

Passion. Giving back. Empowerment. Positivity.

There’s a story behind every small business that you’ve ever walked into, every plate of food you’ve ever taken and uploaded to Instagram, every person whose got a passion they want to share.

At ECX, we aim to discover what’s happening around your community and go behind the scenes to bring you their stories. Looking for a new cafe around Sydney? A new sport? A new hobby? We’ve got you covered.

Our team believes that every story is worth telling. Here, we celebrate different ideas, experiences, and passions – all of which make up the great community we have around Sydney.

Get to know more about what’s going on around you and don’t miss out on the stories behind all your local businesses.

If you share the same spirit and want to show your passion, get in touch with us through ecx@zikira.com.

Welcome on board.