From a 2015 food truck called Happy as Larry to one of the most loved cafes right at the heart of Chatswood’s Westfield, Flower Child Cafe is so popular on social media platforms that you can expect to see it filled with people at any time of the day.

Chris Lu, director of Flower Child, revealed to us that he found shopping centers rather unnatural – from the awkward lighting to the surfaces, everything felt contrived. Instead, he wanted to bring in the natural beauty of the outdoors and turn the whole thing into, in his words, a “garden oasis”.

We want our customer to enjoy our amazing service, delicious food and lose themselves to where they are and the experience.

The name is reminiscent of not only the venue covered in flowers, but also the flower children of San Francisco in the 1960s. A flower child would hand out flowers on the streets of San Fran in an effort to bring joy and happiness to people through the simple act of giving a flower. He smiled and disclosed that you might even find a flower in your bill, in the hopes that his food and service would bring delight to all.

It’s clear that the chefs at Flower Child love what they do, enjoying the experience of creating things and finding ways to improve.

At the end of the day, when I get a good review or know that someone’s enjoyed a meal or a cup of coffee it feels good and still puts a smile on my face!

In regards to new dishes, he says that we should keep an eye out for more and more vegan dishes over the next twelve months, as they’re all keen to make sure they produce something both healthy and delicious.

Pick up Issue 1 of ECX in print or head on over to our online copy to read the in-depth article on Flower Child, one of Sydney’s most-loved hipster cafes.

They can be found at Shop 391, 1 Anderson St, Westfield, Chatswood. If you’re keen to be immersed in a flower garden, we suggest you head on over as soon as possible!

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