Hidden in Chatswood is a little gem of a restaurant that serves only the best and most authentic Thai food. Their name Khao Pla comes from the Thai words K̄hwā (ขวา) meaning right and Plā (ปลา) meaning fish. Head chef and co-owner of the restaurant Pla told us that because people in Thailand only ate fish a hundred years ago, choosing the right fish was hugely significant.

Ever since he came to Australia to study eleven years ago, Pla has worked in different restaurants like Mr. Wong’s, Spice I Am, and Ms. G’s, determined to learn all about the various Asian cuisines. In 2013, Pla was satisfied with all that he had learned from his experiences and decided that it was the right time to start his own business. He’d always dreamed of opening a restaurant where he could spend years developing his own style and signature dishes.

I don’t want something similar, I want something unique.

img_2885smlPla’s biggest influence thus far was working at Ms. G’s, where he learned how to fuse different cuisine styles into one dish. “I invent new dishes when I get inspiration during travels or when I’ve had a really nice meal. I keep the signature dishes for my loyal customers, and keep adding new elements onto my menu every season.”

When I first started Khao Pla, someone wanted to copy our signature dishes. I treated it as a motivation that keep me pushing my creativity and skills to the next level.

Despite not being a famous chef, Pla had a network of previous chefs who supported him ever since the opening of his restaurant. They tried his dishes, shared it on social platforms and spread the word through recommendations. After two months, Pla landed his first interview with the Gourmet Traveler, followed by articles by the Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald.

img_2894_smlHe plans to keep working harder to bring a variety of dishes to the menu, experimenting with higher end types of food that will appeal to a broader demographic. 

Check out our Issue 1 of ECX which is NOW ONLINE to read more about Khao Pla.

Next time you have a craving for authentic Thai food made with love and expertise, they can be found at Shop 7, 370-374 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. Making a booking by calling 9412 4978, or just walk in!

Editor/Writer for ECX.

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