Fashion changes, but style endures.

A well-fitted suit and personally tailored dress does wonders when it comes to how you perceive yourself.

Mr. Young from Young’s Best knows this, discovering his passion for tailoring at the age of 18. Through experiences in working in a factory, he was able to gradually build up his professionalism and apply those skills in his own career. Drawing on his studies from over the years, Young does his best to create the most stylistic and best fitting clothing for his clients.

Young Best Tailor Scissors

We make sure that everyone can enjoy being treated to a tasteful and sophisticated tailoring experience.

We all know that personal tailoring services are exclusive and high-end, though Young aims to provide this first-class service to all. He believes in spreading the importance of style, that fashion comes and goes but a classy suit is timeless.

Young’s process for a complete set of garments takes up to six weeks to complete, from drafting to cutting the fabric to combining all the parts together. They import their fabrics from the suppliers ‘Dormeuil Holland‘ and ‘Sherry‘, and though these fabrics take around two weeks to deliver, Young is patient and determined to work only with the best materials.

youngs best do

“To be a good tailor, you need to understand the needs of different demographics and be comfortable with all stylistic designs.”

Though online shopping is easy and convenient, as is buying clothes off the rack, the difference in quality and comfort is stark. Nowhere else is it possible to customise your clothes to exactly how you want it, from colour and material to the finest of details.

Young is one of the few tailors who believe in direct communication with clients, and recommends that you visit his store in person so that he can measure you and give you exactly what you desire.

Keep your eyes peeled for Issue 2 of ECX to see our full story on Young.

Young’s Best can be found in Chatswood at Shop 26A, 438 Victoria Ave, Chatswood (right next to the train station!) 

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