With a quick and easy-to-remember name like YOATS, the portmanteau of Yoghurt and Oats, the name was a “complete no brainer” for Adam Wilkinson, founder of this healthy snack.

Adam started this line of business when he was 15 and sold chocolate bars at school to help save up for a new car. He quickly realised that people now (especially teenagers) are demanding healthier foods, and that he needed to make the switch from sugary treats to more nutritional options.

We created YOATS to offer everything you need to start your morning in one complete pot.

YOATS is convenient and your perfect “Grab & Go Breakfast”, packed to the brim with all-natural ingredients. With lower amounts of unrefined sugar, YOATS is now supplied to a number of schools who provide it for breakfast.

Not only is YOATS determined to spread the importance of health, they also focus on giving back to the community. By being involved with charity organisations like Wayside Chapel, YOATS helps to offer support to disadvantaged peoples in Kings Cross and the CBD. They donate boxes of YOATS weekly to ensure it can be distributed to people who really need it, and also make sure to donate excess ingredients like yoghurt to Oz Harvest.

To hear more about Adam’s chocolate-selling story and get tips on leading a nutritional diet, check out Issue 2 of ECX.

For information on how to get your hands on YOATS, visit their website at http://www.yoats.com.au/!

Editor/Writer for ECX.

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