Just as our wardrobes change with the seasons, it’s not a bad idea to redecorate our homes to match! Vault Interiors specialises in property styling, and these experts decided to share some tried and true tips with us to get your home looking vibrant and fresh.

  1. Declutter

Arrange your existing items and reassess how to get the most of your space. Decluttering is the first step in creating a fresh and clean platform to work off. Start by focusing on the living zones – these areas are the hardest to tackle, so if they are out of the way, the rest is less daunting.

Try moving around items like sofas and armchairs to get better flow or make the most of a view. Limit photo frames and heavy scented candles, and introduce bright flowers, light scents and fun magazines coupled with brightly coloured accessories instead.

Separate your personal belongings into three piles: keep, store, donate. Keep the essentials, store away daily items like paperwork and laundry so that you can minimise clutter, and donate the rest!

Try to keep all surfaces clear for the most impact.

  1. Windows

Swap heavy window treatments for summery curtains, blinds or shutters

Use the elements to breath new air into your home. Embrace the warm sun and longer hours by letting the light filter into your environment. Swap out heavy thick curtains for sheer fabrics, linens, light cotton and synthetic curtains – which will allow the light to flood in and the breeze to air out the odours.

Neutrals for blinds are a good choice because they are less visually heavy and will sit well in any home. Remember that colour can always be introduced via art, accessories and cushions instead. Light greys, taupe’s tones, white and cream can make your room look brighter, and more spacious.

The recent trends have seen a move from block out rollers and timber shutters to white planation shutters and semi-sheer / sunscreen blinds, which maximize and help you control the levels of light. Soft textured semi-sheer roller blinds in colours like wheat, sand and beige are a great pick for a clean palette.

  1. Carpet

Swap heavy carpet for light weave / natural materials.

The days of thick and heavy rugs are over! Consider swapping them out with natural earthy materials like cow hide rugs or sisal mats which are lighter underfoot. As you will be in the throes of decluttering and moving around furniture, it’s a good time to consider re-carpeting your property if a steam clean won’t do the trick. Nylon blends have a nice sheen look and are very forgiving with stains. Sisal carpets are perfect for achieving a relaxed Hamptons / coastal feeling in your home.

  1. Colour and Texture

Introduce splashes of colour and personality through soft furnishings.

Fresh and bright covers provide an instant visual change. Layering simple linen tone cushions can make your home look elegant and sophisticated, or go for bold tones like pastels, neons and citrus tones.

Prints are perfect if you want to be creative, and play around with solid colours and patterns for the most impact. Artworks can also be swapped out or relocated to change the dynamic of the space. You can also reframe existing prints or photos for a different wall arrangement.

  1. Nature

Bring some pot plants inside with flowers and succulents.

A dash of greenery here and there will draw the eye and create a focal point in any room. Fresh flowers transform interior spaces because they instantly make a room feel inviting and lively, and will complement any colour scheme. Small potted plants work well also, if you want to spice up your home.

Hanging plants like large ferns can make beautiful installations and floor standing indoor plants are a great way to fill empty spaces. Ficus or finger palms are perfect for this.

Plants can help improve well-being by purifying the air quality and adding ventilation into the room. 

  1. Get out the paint

Keeping the base colour palette of your interiors neutral is important to keep your home looking classy and timeless. It allows you to work in new features and change around soft furnishing without any clashes.

If you want some colour to keep your place looking vibrant, you can introduce feature walls to add a more dramatic, visual effect. Consider selecting a darker tone from your main wall colour, such as a light grey or a taupe, so that it looks tailored. If you prefer daring statement pieces, go for something bold by using funky wallpaper or metallic colours.


Journo for ECX Magazine

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