Welcoming a baby into the world is a precious moment for new parents; a period that marks the birth of a new chapter in life. No doubt, it is a time filled with joy where people are free to explore responsibilities and discover new traditions for their family, all while forming a lifelong connection.

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Make sure that these moments are captured forever by Rachael Attard, founder of the lovely Storybook Photography. Rachael captures the start of this journey with much intimacy and love, encapsulating the bond within families. Rachael considers that the best part of her job is being able to witness the unadulterated love between parent and child:

It is so special watching a Mum and Dad gaze at their newborn with a sense of awe and contentment. I will never, ever get sick of being able to witness moments of pure love and joy.

storybook 2Her photographs are clean and filled with detail without being cluttered, using beautiful colours and backgrounds to convey the intimacy between families. Having three daughters herself, Rachael knows the value of every moment.

I am blessed that my job allows me to capture incredible moments in people’s lives … the images I take help create that story.

Check out Issue 2 of ECX for more exclusive photos! You can also read Rachael’s story on how/why Storybook Photography began, as well as her helpful tips for photographing babies.

Storybook Photography by Rachael Attard is located in The Hills District. She can be contacted on 0417 120 281 or www.storybookphoto.com.au.

Editor/Writer for ECX.

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