The mastermind and owner of Royal Stacks, Dani Zeini, came up with the name when he wanted to add a premium touch to an increasing popular terminology in the Australian food scene: stacks. He found that the word was often used in reference to good, hearty food — a tower of pancakes, for example, or a tall burger with stacks of patties. It was also a word flexible enough to be easily incorporated into their menus, and we see varieties like “Prince Harry” and “Miss Elizabeth” quite clearly reflecting the royalty aspect of the name.

ECX was able to sit down and interview Terri Tep, the Executive Chef for Royal Stacks, who generously offered us samples of their frozen custard before we had a chat. She revealed that her own passion for food started at a young age, with her mother being a fantastic cook and an ever better source of inspiration. She has become “obsessed”, she said, with wanting to learn more about food, sharpening her skills so that she could one day reach as many people as possible with her creations.


It’s no doubt that Royal Stacks’ has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past twelve months. Terri attributes this success to their consistency when it comes to delivering heavenly burgers. By sourcing fresh, local produce, and upholding the highest standards of customer service, people will naturally line up just to get a taste.

The plans for Royal Stacks in the coming years are, in her words, big! Their goal is to not only expand within Sydney, but to also venture out into other states and eventually grow on an international scale.

burgersGet your hands on our upcoming Summer 2017 issue to see our full interview with Terri, and find out the words of advice she’d give to those looking to venture their own business. 

Royal Stacks can be found in Chatswood at Level 3, Westfield. Try their burgers to see just how royal they can be, or go for a scoop of frozen custard if you’re feeling sweet.

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