Whether your goal is to tone up those rock hard abs, or it’s simply a desire to get fit and turn over a new leaf, everybody needs inspiration and moral support throughout the journey. Common misconceptions are that bootcamps workouts are overly intense with their strict regimes, and that they are too intimidating for beginners. ECX decided to speak to Sergeant Paul McGeachie from Original BootCamp to understand their goals and motivations.

Sergeant Paul’s passion for fitness has always been a significant part of his life. His introduction to OBC gave him an insight into how physical and mental health could be integrated through camaraderie and team motivation, particularly when these workout sessions started to have a positive impact on his personal life. He saw the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and realised after pushing himself to achieve his goals, he could in turn help others to do the same. From that point onward, he made a switch from a 12 year career in Superannuation to start his own OBC in Dee Why & Chatswood. He asserts that he has never looked back since.

“We put a high value on teamwork, which is rare in the industry.”

What’s most notable is that OBC’s focus on disciplinary is not in the perceived military style way of yelling and belittling people, but in the belief that when you show up to Bootcamp, you are ready to work with maximum effort. This ensures that teamwork is a central value, where all members are passionate and driven and motivated to work towards their goal each time.

To read more about our interview with Sergeant Paul, grab a copy of Issue 2!

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