Creating exceptionally beautiful designs for all occasions, Lars and Susie of Larsen Jewellery are founders of one of the most respected jewellers in Australia. If you enjoyed the big reveal for 2017’s Bachelor, then you’ll know that they’re responsible for that shining diamond that Matty J put on Laura’s finger! Larsen Jewellery pride themselves on offering clients the ‘personal touch’ when it comes to jewellery design and creation, ensuring that the finished piece is exactly what clients have been dreaming of.

Larsen Jewellery specialises in top-quality, handcrafted products which can be completely customised to meet the individual tastes and requirements of each client. When ECX asked them a few questions, they revealed that the idea was formed when they themselves were looking to purchase wedding rings and realised that no one in Australia was doing custom-made jewellery.

We came from very different career backgrounds at the time, but were looking for a new adventure, and that’s when we decided to open our own jewellery studio, based on our unique service which we named, ‘’The Wedding Ring Experience’.

This ‘Wedding Ring Experience’ is an exciting and enjoyable process where you are paired with your own personal jewellery designer, and they use hand-sketches and computerised drawings to bring all your ideas to life. Depending on the complexity of the design, it generally takes 4 to 6 weeks for each piece of fine jewellery to be completed.

Larsen Jewellery is the only place in Australia where you can share the unique and romantic experience of making each other’s wedding rings under the guidance of your own personal jeweller. Designing and creating a wedding ring for your fiancé makes it extra special, and provides a wonderful memory to cherish for a lifetime. Most designs are possible, from classic wedding bands to unique designs involving diamonds, engraving or a mix of precious metals.

Larsen Jewellery currently operates two stores, in Sydney’s The Strand Arcade and Melbourne’s GPO Building. For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website here.

Check out Issue 3 for a more in-depth interview about Larsen Jewellery and their commendable fight towards a sustainable jewellery industry.

Editor/Writer for ECX.

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