After having a daughter with life-threatening allergies, Erika Chan and her family from Golden Pig & Co. make sure that their food is not only healthy and packed with nutritional value, but also inclusive of those with specific dietary needs. From vegan dishes to gluten-free dumplings made with home-brewed broth, it’s no wonder that Golden Pig is ready to extend their business towards other parts of Australia.

Erika’s youngest daughter Jordyn was born with allergies to eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten, shellfish, dust mites and strong fragrances like chemical smells, all of which would cause a severe, life-threatening reaction.

When she was about three years old, we were at a children’s birthday party. My friend’s parents bought some pizzas … and as soon as the pizzas came in and they opened the boxes, Jordyn’s face started to become red and her lips were swollen.

During a time when she was working hard with the business, Erika was “time-poor” and faced the challenge of finding takeout and frozen foods that catered to Jordyn’s dietary needs.

Having been in the health food and hospitality industry, she saw a gap in the market and was able to make a quick transition into finding recipes and products that would allow people with all kinds of requirements to enjoy foods such as dumplings and potstickers.

Jordyn’s severe allergies also mean that they not only have to be entirely health conscious, but also that they must be immersed in the process of finding out where their ingredients come from.

We were lucky enough to speak to a lot of farmers that were in New South Wales, and also through our organic suppliers … this way, we have a better idea of how the vegetables and produce are grown.

With all this inspired by the birth of their second daughter, it’s no wonder that their business itself is named after the year in which Jordyn was born: 2007, the year of the Golden Pig.

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Golden Pig can be found on 393 Blaxland Road, Denistone East NSW 2112, Australia. Their restaurant opening hours are: Monday & Tuesday – 9.00am -to 4.00pm, and Wednesday to Thursday – 9.00am to 5.30pm. For more information, contact 02 8090 2860 or

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