“He was running on the platform, trying to catch a train, and then –
heart attack.”

Life throws unexpected curves, and it pays off to be prepared. Make sure your loved ones have everything they need in a time of grief. Wills are often held back due to complications and uncertainty, and can easily become a hassle if there is little to no preparation. This is where asset registries, an organised and efficient solution, comes in!

Ivan Hung from TY Lawyers does what no other lawyer does – he ensures your loved ones won’t be wasting time on locating your estate and/or money on unnecessary legal fees by incorporating asset registries into the will.

A will is the main mechanism for distributing all your assets but it doesn’t exactly tell you where these assets are located. As it turns out, Ivan makes sure that his team not only keeps your will, but also stores all the details of your assets. He’ll even follow up with you periodically to make sure the list stays updated.

Here’s his story and why he does it:

“This time last year, I had a close friend whose father passed away suddenly. He was fifty years old, and it was the day after Mother’s Day. He was running on the platform, trying to catch a train, and then – heart attack. It was a huge shock to his loved ones and entirely unexpected, so his wife didn’t know where to start.

She didn’t know whether her husband had a will at all, and so she had to start trawling through mountains and mountains of paperwork, trying to find bits and pieces of paper to work out exactly what her husband owned, what his super was, and basically try to uncover all his assets.

As a lawyer, I realised that I had the capacity to make things easier for people in these situations. In a time of mourning, I knew that the last thing they wanted was to be burdened with paperwork and legal fees and uncertainty.”








All of these assets can be consolidated and listed if you plan ahead.
Help your loved ones by going that extra step, so if something does happen, they can be prepared.

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