Lid & Jar, one of the best local cafes in Chatswood has a new name under the same great management team. Now called “Crazy Uncle Frankie’s”, the cafe is making a return to its original roots – coffee.

“Giving it a facelift”, is how Kyle, the manager of Crazy Uncle Frankie’s described the cafe’s decision to rebrand. With a pure focus on coffee, its speciality and locality, Crazy Uncle Frankie’s is aiming to produce the greatest coffee in the North Shore.

The new name pays homage to their supplier ‘Frankie’, “We wanted to show our dedication to the coffee brand, which is the core of our business,” says Kyle. It represents the café’s focus on coffee as the main theme and on the overall customer experience. “We are going to focus more on what a café truly is and what it represents to the customers,” explains Kyle.

To complement the name change, the interior underwent extensive transformations while retaining some of the original design from Lid & Jar. New décor has been added such as the addition of a mini coffee library whilst the takeaway coffee bar has become more prominent in its design. The paints have been freshened up towards a warmer colour, adding a more rustic design along with oak wood décor to accentuate the café feel.

The new menu is lighter and summer focused. Increasing to 15 sections, there is more healthy options with a new selection of salads. Most importantly, the café now serves an all-day breakfast menu due to popular demand by patrons at Lid & Jar. For the must try of the new menu, Kyle recommends the Crème Brulee, which is one of their hit summer classics as well as the Raspberry Mango, both of them are perfect on a nice warm day.

As Crazy Uncle Frankie’s completes the facelift, it hopes to take the coffee theme even further in the future. On the drawing board is a coffee bar where customers are involved in making their own customised coffee.“For the future, we want to get customers more involved about coffee, its aspects and introducing to them what specialty coffee is”, says Kyle, “we want to find a way for them to make specialty coffee that is uniquely theirs”.

It is definitely an interesting time at Crazy Uncle Frankie’s and we look forward to more exciting things to come in the future.

You might be pleased to know that Crazy Uncle Frankie’s is a valued stockist of the ECX Magazine, so make sure to grab a copy at your next visit before it runs out.

Journo for ECX Magazine

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