Colin Cassidy: Kermit & Trump

The Journey

Voice artist often have a unique job to do, to be the voice of a character, person or object and subsequently, bringing them to life. We don’t notice them often, the voice behind commercials, TV characters, games and animated movies or even eBook tutorial videos. They are hidden and sometimes you wonder who is behind the voice.

I was about to meet one of them, in a bicycle-themed café called the Bay 10 Espresso located in a secret alleyway in Milsons Point. The voice actor was Colin Cassidy, an award-winning voice-over artist in Sydney. I arrived a few minutes early and got ready for the interview but Colin had already arrived. He was tall, dressed casually but looked relaxed and ready for an interview. We greeted each other, made some small talk, ordered two coffees and I even got to be entertained by Colin’s spot on impressions as well as his humorous jokes in the process.

Journo for ECX Magazine

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